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Today in the Austin area, there are over 17,000 real estate licenses, majority of whom have never experienced any downturn or hickup in the Austin real estate market in their working lives.

I, however, started in full time residential real estate before the 2000 crisis, before 9/11, and long before the 2008 banking recession.  In all these cases, the Austin real estate statistics proved out that our housing market rises slowly, levels off when the rest of the country's housing market goes into free-fall, and Austin's market is fundamentally different for one very important reason:  JOBS.

Austin has jobs, is creating jobs, building apartments and houses as fast as we…

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The Austin real estate market continues to be red hot.  Builders will build close to 19,000 homes in 2020, up from 18,000 in 2019.          Job creation has been 29,000 new jobs in 2019.

Quoting  principal of 360 Real Estate Analytics, Eldon Rude, " If job growth remains at levels we have seen in recent years, I don't see anything on the horizon that will slow the robust demand in the region in recent years."

  18 new, big real estate projects, ABJ  read this link for everything from the new 10,000 seat basketball Moody Center to the new Austin FC Soccor, 

Amazon is building a 3.8 million square foot distribution center NE of Pflugerville off Toll Road 130 that will be four times larger than their current one in San Marcos.  Amazon is also…

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Welcome to a new decade, and my NEW website, a labor of love for you.  It is fast, great content, easy to load and navigate. Check out the new FAQ section of youtube videos I wrote and had produced.  I'll keep adding to this library as the year goes on.

To start off the 2020 year, the first big article of the year was a headline in the Austin Business Journal,

"Zillow predicts Austin will have the nation's hottest housing market in 2020."   Business Journal article on Austin market

Austin offers a thriving low employment, driven by jobs, jobs, jobs in the high tech market through Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, and an avalance of out of state buyers moving here.  While it's showing up north and the daylight ends mid afternoon, those that come…

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January 3, 2019:  I attended the first of many economic forecasts.  Today was from MetroStudy, Vaike O'Grady, at the DRHorton VIP REALTOR luncheon.  MetroStudy is a veteran  Austin company that does forecasting with developers, homebuilders, and local MLS database information.

Here are the highlights:  first Austin added 35,200 jobs , up 3.3% in 2018, and over the past 5 years has averaged approx 36,000 jobs /year.

we are 7th in the Nation for job creation.  Austin expanded 7.9% annualized, mostly in Health,Professional services, and CONSTRUCTION.

Our unemployment rate (Nov. 2018) is 2.7% and has been under 4% for 5 years running.

Where are all these people coming from ?  30% are out of area, 30% of those are from California.


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Today three great minds came together at the JWMarriott before 700 industry folks for the annual 2017 Home Builders of Austin Housing Forecast: Eldon Rude, Principal of 360* Real Estate Analytics, Dr Greg Hallman,Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance at the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business, and Colleen Sharp, VP of Kantar Futures.

Two great hours were spent by a packed ballroom of business leaders listening about the Austin, Texas, US economy, interest rates, job growth, Consumer confidence, housing starts, rents, prices, GDP, and the economic entwining of us and the world economies in China, India, EU, etc.

I want to recap my thoughts on this, with a focus on the Austin real estate markets. 

1. Austin has seen a…

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Any election year brings uncertainty, and 2016 exhibited that with homesellers and buyers waiting until after Nov 9, to make the largest purchasing decision of their family.

Single-family home sales rose 15.8% in November, the biggest year-over-year jump in 3 years.  Several chief economists say the post-election rise in interest rates helped folks jump off the fence and capture those 4% and below rates.   Same rates now are 4.38% and higher, expected to go to 5% by end of 2017.  This affects the purchasing power of every buyer, and the affordability for buyers affects what sellers get for the homes they sell.

Another factor in Austin is the creation of 32,100 jobs in 2016, compared to 39,200 jobs in 2015, and expectations for 28,200 jobs in 2017…

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