Dripping Springs, Georgetown, Lakeway - Who's Next?

Good morning, Everybody! It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s really foggy in Austin this week and has been absolutely crazy.

I went to Dripping Springs yesterday. I have been up to Georgetown today. I’m going out to Lakeway; and then I’m going to come home and look at all of the multiple offers on one of my listings - all of which are super strong. They’re all over $1 million - which is not what a normal market brings.  So many people are bringing cash. 

Buyers Can Still Win in this Austin Market Too

This is a really rough time to be on the buyer side.  However, I was the winning bidder in multiple offers for some of my buyers this week!  Two of them in Northwest Hills! 

So, it can be done.…

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Recently, I listened to Eldon Rude, Principal, 360 Real Estate Analytics, discuss the 2020 market and 2021 going forward - specifically the housing market, builders, sunbelt surge, land, office market, and jobs.  I wanted my readers to have some of these insights into the 2021 Central Texas Housing Market as well.  So, here is a summary of my notes taken during his presentation.  I think you will see this Central Texas Real Estate Market is complex, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

The Central Texas Housing Market Surge

This "surge" began in mid-May 2020 and never waned.  Builders sold 20-30% MORE homes in 2020, even as labor and materials were unstable. 

Due to the pandemic, many job holders realized they could LIVE wherever they wanted,…

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